Ukraine: The New Cold War Battleground
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Ukraine: The New Cold War Battleground

Tensions in Ukraine have been running high since ousted president Viktor Yanukovych brokered an economic deal with Russia in November, spurring month-long protests that eventually led to the overthrow of the government. A new, pro-West Ukrainian government was installed last week, naming Oleksandr Turchinov as president and opposition leader Arseniy Yatsenyuk as prime minister until … Continue reading

Why Should America Explore Space?
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Why Should America Explore Space?

Few people lack an opinion on “what” the NASA should be doing. But even fewer have tried to answer the overarching question of “why” we would want to invest considerable resources in exploring our extraterrestrial neighborhood. Yet a comprehensive answer may be the key to reviving the struggling space program. This week, the George C. … Continue reading

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A Digital Avalanche

The first presidential debate contained many memorable moments. From the heated arguments difficult for moderator Jim Lehrer to control to Mitt Romney’s widely-targeted “Big Bird” comment, Wednesday night was a very entertaining night of television. Despite the excitement on our TV screens, it was the excitement on the screens of computers, smartphones, and tablets across … Continue reading

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CFTC Amending the Dodd-Frank Act

Opening Statements Chairman of the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Gary Gensler began what would be an almost four-hour hearing on several rules that may be applied to the Dodd-Frank Act. Declaring that the hearing was about promoting transparency, developing internal business conduct rules, and compliance rules to protect the public, he seemed very … Continue reading

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Creationism: Does it belong in Indiana’s Public School System?

Indiana legislators are moving forward on a bill that would allow the teaching of Creationism in the public school system. The GOP-sponsored bill has passed out of the Indiana Senate Education Committee, thus sparking controversy nation-wide about the teaching of Creationism –and Evolution. Two prevalent ideas about the origin of life are that of Creationism … Continue reading

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“Clean air is not a partisan issue, it is a public health issue,” Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.)

Based on the World Resources Institute roundtable discussion (Monday, January 23, 2012) Before being signed into a federal law in 1970 by President Nixon, the Clean Air Act was an urgent issue neither in  his campaign campaign, nor on his agenda in the beginning of his presidential term. However, it quickly became a priority and was passed … Continue reading

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The Future of Energy and Water Availability in the United States: Has the Marketplace Failed Us?

Earlier today the Hudson Institute hosted a four hour panel discussion titled, “Energy, Water, and Debt: Linked Problems, Common Solutions?” Among the ten panelists was Jim Nussle, a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives for 16 years and now Growth Energy’s COO; Craig Zamuda, a senior policy advisor with the Office of Policy … Continue reading

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What Does It Really Mean to be American?

Yesterday morning I attend a panel at the Brookings Institution on “What It Means to be American: New Poll Explores Attitudes in an Increasingly Diverse America”, organized in co-operation with the Public Religion Research Institute. The panel reported the results of a poll conducted by PRRI on attitudes that Americans have towards Islam, American Muslims, … Continue reading