Michael McKinney


Michael McKinney is an HLN intern at the Forum. Michael was raised in Saint Joseph, a small town outside the city of Champaign-Urbana in Illinois. After completing his BA at Valparaiso University in Political Science and International Relations, Michael began graduate studies at the Institute of World Politics in Washington DC, where he is currently working on his MA in National Security Affairs and Statecraft: Public Diplomacy and Political Warfare. Michael enjoys fantasy series, particularly the 1630’s and the Game of Thrones. The fields of particular interest to Michael involve global economics and trade agreements, political economy, politics on any level and the controversial discussions on religion, philosophy and theology. On a lighter note, Michael enjoys watching Professional Wrestling regularly and the sport of soccer, and plays Role-Playing Games on the weekends, computer-based or paper-and-pencil. After attaining his Master’s, Michael is interested in earning his Ph.D. and then later on becoming involved in US politics.

One thought on “Michael McKinney

  1. HI Michael, saw your Mom today and she gave me the link to this. I am so very proud of you! Miss you and your wonderful hugs. Keep up the great work thru GOD that I know you are capable of.
    All my love, Darla

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