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The Failures in Libya

When asked this past Sunday if the recent terrorist attack on American diplomats in Libya was an “intelligence failure,” senior White House Advisor David Plouffe said, “No, this was an event obviously … a complex event.” Let us ignore the obvious tautology of Plouffe’s remarks and his clear desire to obfuscate the issue instead of … Continue reading


Dishwasher Dilemma

There are thousands of different motivations for regulation – a cleaner environment, an equal opportunity workplace, a more secure banking system – but each motivation has an underlying and often unspoken implication. The government, because of its army of bureaucratic experts, knows best how to make those goals happen. But time and again, regulators prove … Continue reading

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Too Small To Bail: Regulations Eating Away at Small Businesses

The Bada Bing food truck has been cruising the streets of Arlington, VA, schlepping their signature fare for almost two years. Their relatively inexpensive spiedies (an upstate New York specialty) and Philly-style cheesesteaks have clearly filled a market niche as their long lines and expanding twitter followers attest to. But Bada Bing and legions of … Continue reading