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What Would Adam Smith Do About Public School Funding?

Public education seems to never die out from the political economic discourse, as it never should. Investing in the education of new generations has been rightly revered as the best method for ensuring a prosperous society. But the question remains, who should invest in it and to what level? Influential political economist Adam Smith’s work … Continue reading

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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act May Help Families Address Education Costs

The Trump administration embraced a decidedly pro-school choice stance with the selection of Devos for Secretary of Education, but Donald Trump originally voiced his personal support for the issue in the 2016 election season. He claimed that were he to become president, states would have the chance to put up to $20 billion in federal … Continue reading

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Tax Cut-Implications for Behavioral Economics

Richard H. Thaler, professor of behavioral science and economics at the University of Chicago, won the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences this year “for his contributions to behavioral economics.” This is a relatively new field that combines the idea of psychology and economics. Standard economic models assume that humans are rational actors. However, behavioral economists … Continue reading

Clinton’s Financial Transaction Tax – A Solution Seeking a Problem
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Clinton’s Financial Transaction Tax – A Solution Seeking a Problem

Should she win in November, Hillary Clinton’s platform on financial services will likely serve as the financial policy roadmap for the next four years. Notable within Clinton’s Wall Street plan, released last October, is a call for a financial transaction tax (FTT) on high-frequency trading (HFT). A financial transaction tax is an excise tax on trades … Continue reading

Bluffing in the House: Reforming the Budget Process
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Bluffing in the House: Reforming the Budget Process

On June 15, the House Budget Committee gathered to discuss the need for fiscal goals to “drive discipline and accountability”, in the words of Chairman Tom Price. The hearing comes at a time of a skyrocketing Public Debt of $19 trillion, a sluggish economic recovery and another recession looming around the corner. The U.S. has sustained … Continue reading

Why the Founding Fathers Would Dislike “Obamacare”
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Why the Founding Fathers Would Dislike “Obamacare”

Among the many popular topics of the 2016 presidential campaigns, healthcare remains a timeless defining issue sparking vivid debate on both sides of the political spectrum. In the 2016 presidential campaign, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – commonly referred to as “Obamacare” – has become the privileged scapegoat. However, beyond the political contention, an aspect … Continue reading