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School Choice: A Bipartisan Solution to the Failures of Public Schools During the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Rose Laoutaris Introduction The issue of school choice has been debated for decades between parents, teachers, and politicians. While the idea is not necessarily new, the concept of school choice became popular after Milton Friedman published his book, “The Role of Government in Education,” and in response to the increasing control state and federal … Continue reading

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What Would Adam Smith Do About Public School Funding?

Public education seems to never die out from the political economic discourse, as it never should. Investing in the education of new generations has been rightly revered as the best method for ensuring a prosperous society. But the question remains, who should invest in it and to what level? Influential political economist Adam Smith’s work … Continue reading

Free Trade Works For Millennials
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Free Trade Works For Millennials

Photo courtesy of House Ways and Means Committee. By Rahee Jung and Finn D. Reynolds Executive Summary: Recent polls reveal that millennials support U.S. engagement in free trade agreements more than all other age demographics. Policymakers should take note of this trend, and further engage the United States in free trade agreements to grow the economy … Continue reading

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Tax Cuts and Jobs Act May Help Families Address Education Costs

The Trump administration embraced a decidedly pro-school choice stance with the selection of Devos for Secretary of Education, but Donald Trump originally voiced his personal support for the issue in the 2016 election season. He claimed that were he to become president, states would have the chance to put up to $20 billion in federal … Continue reading

WIOA Under President Trump
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WIOA Under President Trump

Introduction The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) supports individuals from sectors across society who are looking for employment, training, or other workforce assistance. WIOA is a federal program implemented by states and it has only been active since July 1, 2016. The program is supported by a bipartisan majority and has been praised by … Continue reading

The Price of Free Education
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The Price of Free Education

Anyone who has ever taken an economics class recalls the first basic principle; nothing is free. Everything has a cost. Whether it’s time or money, there is a ticket to everything. Recently, politicians like Bernie Sanders have been campaigning on the promise of free college education to promote opportunity for all. This call has students scrambling in … Continue reading