Why do Democrats Want to Raise Taxes?
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Why do Democrats Want to Raise Taxes?

Last Thursday, Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner presented Congress with the Obama administration’s plan intended to avert the impending fiscal cliff. The plan was, quite literally, laughable. It called for $50 Billion in new stimulus spending, the end of Congressional authority to raise the debt limit, $1.6 Trillion in new revenues from higher taxes on the … Continue reading

The National Debt: Factors Contributing to Growth and Decline
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The National Debt: Factors Contributing to Growth and Decline

Our elections may be over, but our growing national debt remains. It is also approaching unprecedented levels—last year, it exceeded 100% of GDP for only the fourth time in history. The other three times were during World War II, when we were fighting a war on all seven continents. Yet the economy is recovering from … Continue reading

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The Sequester


That crazy bill our politicians refuse to address. Featuring economic policy experts Joe Minarik and Doug Holtz-Eakin. A video by Peter G. Peterson Foundation Interns Ben Gitis of American Action Forum and Kathryn Tinker of Committee for Economic Development.

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The Sequester: Why Lawmakers Need to Act Now

Remember that debt limit fiasco last summer? Its repercussions still haunt us today. In order to motivate congress to come up with a cohesive debt reduction plan, the law passed to increase the debt limit stipulated that if the “super committee” failed to pass a plan by November 2011, across the board cuts (referred to … Continue reading