Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast the First Stone
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Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast the First Stone

By Chris Hartline The American political system is broken.  Congress is broken.  Our representatives don’t represent us.  These are common refrains you hear particularly outside of Washington – though inside as well – and they possess some semblance of truth. The 112th Congress was the most unproductive Congress in 60 years and the 2nd year of … Continue reading

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The High-Speed Rail Boondoggle

In January 2009, then president-elect, Barack Obama, rode into Washington, DC on an Amtrak train.  His, pre-inaugural, one-day trip was a symbolic nod to Lincoln’s similar journey, some years ago.  Exactly one month later, now, President Obama signed in-to-law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).  The ARRA, among other things, provided $8 billion towards … Continue reading

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The Sequester


That crazy bill our politicians refuse to address. Featuring economic policy experts Joe Minarik and Doug Holtz-Eakin. A video by Peter G. Peterson Foundation Interns Ben Gitis of American Action Forum and Kathryn Tinker of Committee for Economic Development.

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