America’s Employment Status: Where are the Hours Going?
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America’s Employment Status: Where are the Hours Going?

When asked about how an industry is recovering from a recession, you would probably point to wages or the number of newly hired employees. Would you think to look at the number of hours employees are working? The average weekly hours across industries has varied widely since the Great Recession. Let’s first look at the … Continue reading

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Demonizing Multinationals: How President Obama Avoids a Policy Discussion and Prevents America From Moving Forward

In demonizing Bain for outsourcing, President Obama is implicitly criticizing the act of outsourcing itself without the facts to back himself up. Of the 598 American companies on Forbes world’s largest firms list, only 15 percent publically report their foreign employment numbers. While President Obama’s blind attacks on this legal right are clearly groundless, the … Continue reading

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Overseas Employment: Increasing Jobs at Home by Investing Abroad

Obama’s fundamentally flawed attacks on Bain Capital’s outsourcing history seem both hypocritical and highly ignorant of the global economy considering that major companies present in his own jobs council have been “pioneering” outsourcing themselves. GE, American Express, Intel, and UBS are all present on the President’s Council of Jobs and Competitiveness and all have increased … Continue reading


The Disconnect Between Higher Education and Workforce Demands

Last week, the Pew Research Center released a report examining the lives of young Americans in the wake of the Great Recession.  Unsurprisingly, 41 percent of those interviewed felt that young people, ages 18-24, face greater challenges weathering the economic storm than their older counterparts. That said, perhaps the most astonishing statistic from the report is … Continue reading