Economic Sanctions – Modern Tool Against Modern War?

Introduction Economic sanctions represent one of the most widely used instruments in international relationships for various social, political and military concerns. They can be imposed by one country (unilateral sanction) or group of multiple countries (multilateral sanction) against other country (or regime) to express their disapproval of the regime and deter the unacceptable behavior.   However, … Continue reading

On Ukraine: US Strength is Putin’s Demise
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On Ukraine: US Strength is Putin’s Demise

Since the collapse of the USSR, Russia has felt backed into a corner and neglected by the international community and, indeed, has been. First, there was the quick snatching-up of post USSR states into the EU with no chance of admission for Russia. Next, there was the absolute refusal of Russian integrity by NATO, and … Continue reading

Senate’s Iranian Sanctions are Self-Interested
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Senate’s Iranian Sanctions are Self-Interested

Recently,  a new piece of legislation has hit the senate floor; one that entails expanding current sanctions on Iran as well as creating new sanctions for the purpose of impeding Iran from attaining nuclear weapons.  This bill comes at a time when talks and a Joint Plan of Action (JPA) have already been made in … Continue reading

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WARNING: the Adverse Effects of Unilateral Sanctions

Last week, Congress overwhelmingly voted to increase sanctions on the Islamic Republic of Iran. Although nuclear nonproliferation has become my life work’s purpose, I can’t, in my right mind, agree with our government’s decision to add increased sanctions. On the other Before you stop reading, hear me out. First, let’s examine the general reasons for … Continue reading