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Corporate tax “framework” misses the mark

The President announced his support today for corporate tax reform that reduces the rate to 28 percent by eliminating expenditures in the tax code, deductions, credits and the like. Ostensibly this reduction is a show of goodwill and a step forward. Yet under closer scrutiny, the President’s proposal hypocritically reinforces existing tax expenditures and fails … Continue reading


Day of budget hearings reminds everyone of the task ahead

Today’s hearings in the Senate and House Budget Committees highlight the ocean of varying perspectives on the President’s budget and the appropriate approach to take on essential reforms and deficit reduction. Though committee members were certainly guilty of playing the blame game, on both sides of the aisle, many showed a genuine concern for our … Continue reading

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President’s budget ignores real reforms, shirks responsibility

Yesterday, the President announced his budget for fiscal year 2013, a plan that, if implemented, would raise taxes and burden younger Americans with a legacy of chronic budget deficits. The budget the President is proposing is a house of cards on a foundation of volatile debt that is quite obviously not “built to last.” During … Continue reading

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Tax and entitlement reform overshadowed by credit-taking, blame games, and job report

Following a jobs report released this morning showing the unemployment rate dropped from 8.5 to 8.3 percent last month, the President emphasized his plan to keep the economy growing at a fire station in Arlington, Virginia. “The economy is growing stronger. The recovery is speeding up. And we’ve got to do everything in our power … Continue reading

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Americans still lack confidence in economy & government

Gallup reported today that 66 percent of Americans cited some economic issue as the most important problem facing our country today.[1]Only 8 percent said the federal budget deficit or federal debt.  Yet, these two issues are intrinsically linked. Exit polls in New Hampshire’s Republican primary yesterday showed that 6 in 10 voters viewed the economy … Continue reading