Fidel’s Dove is Now Maduro’s Little Bird
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Fidel’s Dove is Now Maduro’s Little Bird

The campaign for president in Venezuela began this past Tuesday with acting president Nicolás Maduro visiting Chavez’s house in the state of Barinas. During his visit, Maduro told the press another mystical story about Chavez appearing to him through a bird that flew over his head three times before delivering a message. During the interview … Continue reading

Post- Chávez Venezuela: A policy of continuity
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Post- Chávez Venezuela: A policy of continuity

The Venezuelan Comandante and President Hugo Chávez died of a heart attack on Tuesday according to his Communication’s Minister Ernesto Villegas. The rumor of his death was already circulating among Venezuelans in Miami, who have been accusing the government of infringing on their country’s sovereignty for taking decisions from Havana.  On Tuesday social media sites … Continue reading


Latin American Elections or South Eastern Conference Football?

The Dominican Republic just had the opportunity to show its citizens and its neighbors in the region the beauty of democracy during its 2012 presidential election. In an election-heavy year across the globe, I have been monitoring those occurring in the Americas. Many Latin American elections end in allegations of voter fraud, corruption or foreign … Continue reading

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Hugo Chavez’s Health Could Have a Number of Consequences for the Western Hemisphere

All eyes are on poll numbers, gay marriage, the economy, and most definitely not focused on Venezuela. Well, in my opinion, the United States might want to keep an eye on the current electoral situation in Venezuela and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s health is a major part of the electoral picture in that country. There … Continue reading

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Hugo Chavez is (probably) not fully cured of cancer

Roger Noriega, Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, might have been onto something this past summer. In July Noriega speculated that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez may not be fully cured of cancer. Chavez claimed as much last October, but has since reversed course. He recently announced that in the near future he will go to … Continue reading

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If you think our political campaigns and elections have become too negative…

I invite you to take a look at the (one-sided) mudslinging that has already begun in Venezuela, less than a week after the Venezuelan opposition held a primary to pick their candidate to compete against incumbent President Hugo Chavez. Henrique Capriles was the clear winner of the primary, capturing more than two-thirds of the more … Continue reading

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Venezuela’s Opposition Looking For Its Presidential Candidate

Venezuela’s highly anticipated presidential election does not take place until October 7, but the competition will begin in earnest this weekend. Venezuela’s opposition party is holding its first presidential primary on Sunday, February 12th. This is an important step for the opposition because it will offer them an opportunity to create a more unified movement … Continue reading