Back where we started

Today’s jobs report is another indicator that the economy is still sputtering along at a pace that is unacceptable with 7.9% unemployment.  Employers added 171,000 jobs in October but because of an increase of 578,000 individuals seeking employment, the new additions were not enough to counter lower unemployment for the month of October.  We can now say, with the Election Day three days away, that the total number of people employed has been virtually unchanged since the day President Obama took office.

President Obama has wasted no time in blaming his shortcomings on the faults of his predecessor.  The past four years have been President Obama’s opportunity to try and face the tough issues but instead he has consistently added to the national debt and instated business crippling legislation like PPACA and Dodd Frank.  President Obama has had his chance and the idea that a second term, without the worry of reelection, would be any less partisan than his first is wrong.

Once again the economy and jobs will be put at the forefront of the presidential race with these new numbers and Election Day being so close.  More than anything, President Obama wants to separate himself or distract from the fact that we still have 12.3 million individuals unemployed in the United States.  The fact of the matter is that our government needs to address the growing debt before we get into a situation like our neighbors in Europe.  Whoever holds the White House regardless of party affiliation, needs to recognize that the debt isn’t a party issue but one that affects all of us as Americans.  As a young American I worry about my job prospects in the future and my economic security because of the decisions being made by politicians today to pass the responsibility on.  A Grand Bargain is what we need and even though the prospects of this actually happening are grim right now, I am hopeful that we can eventually get there and ultimately bring the unemployment down and get Americans back to work.