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How the Economy is Affecting the Millennial Generation

Policy issue areas for the college-aged (Millennial) generation: 1. The National Budget 2. Growing National Debt 3. Entitlement Programs 4. Great Recession General Background Information: According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Millennials face unemployment rates above 25% and are still searching for the return on educational investments Fully 55% of those ages 18 to … Continue reading

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Creationism: Does it belong in Indiana’s Public School System?

Indiana legislators are moving forward on a bill that would allow the teaching of Creationism in the public school system. The GOP-sponsored bill has passed out of the Indiana Senate Education Committee, thus sparking controversy nation-wide about the teaching of Creationism –and Evolution. Two prevalent ideas about the origin of life are that of Creationism … Continue reading

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College Students: the Demographic that is Ignored and Ignores

Candidates who want to attract the young vote, primarily 18-24 year-olds, have the difficult task of making politics exciting and interesting. There are many reasons for overwhelmingly poor voting turnout from this age range, but it is mostly because very few candidates attempt to reach these voters and are largely out of touch with this … Continue reading