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Ravenous Cookie Monsters and Higher Education

In a recent New York Times piece, Robert H. Frank attempts to explain the dynamics behind the continued growth in college tuition in the United States. Using elegant analogies, Frank points to rising costs for universities, such as increasing salaries for professors and technological degrees.[1] Responding to the President’s recent call to tie subsidies to … Continue reading

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Diversity of Thought and NCLB

Later today, Secretary of Education Arne Duncan will be launching an initiative to secure $5 billion “to transform the teacher profession from top to bottom.” [1] While there is quite a bit of political maneuvering surrounding this announcement, it truly represents the worst of the flawed ideology that has seriously damaged education in America. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Why Education Will be a Top Issue for the 2012 Election

In 2011, education emerged indirectly as a hot button issue during the public sector collective bargaining battles in states across the country. The bitter pill offered by Republican governors has still left a bad taste in the mouths of voters and has resulted in the recall of lawmakers and the repeal of legislation. Unfortunately for … Continue reading