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Reflections on the Impending End of the Endless Election

With her tearful statement, “I’m tired of Bronco Bamma and Mitt Romney,” four-year-old Abigael Evans became the voice of the nation. Like many of her compatriots, Abby has heard one too many reports on the 2012 presidential campaign and she’s reached her breaking point. Luckily for Abby and the rest of campaign weary America, in … Continue reading

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Put this in your binder- Romney is the better candidate for women

The latest Romneyism to set the political world awitter, “binders full of women,” has reiginited the battle for female voters, with President Obama and his campaign casting Governor Romney as an out-of-touch barbarian set on bringing women back to the 1950s. Romney uttered this now infamous phrase during the second presidential debate in response to a female … Continue reading

Wasted Debate: Biden’s ridiculous performance undermines the political process
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Wasted Debate: Biden’s ridiculous performance undermines the political process

Following the first presidential debate, Jon Stewart joked that President Obama had managed to unite partisans with his horrific performance. Not so following the Vice-Presidential debate between Vice President Biden and Congressman Ryan. Partisans on the left and the right couldn’t agree less about what they witnessed last night. Democrats, who have been despondent since … Continue reading

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Regulations and Organ Donations: An Unhealthy Recipe

The waste and inefficiencies that plague healthcare in the United States are well known and well documented, but recently the New York Times published an astonishing article that reveals the extent of the problem. The article reports that nearly 18 percent of kidneys that could potentially be used in life-saving transplants are discarded each year … Continue reading