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Free but Responsible Markets

Occupy Wall Street started with an emotion: anger. As average Americans dealt with an insecure job market, unemployment, underwater mortgages, and overwhelming increases in the cost of education and healthcare they watched as the financial industry was rescued from its own poor judgment by the federal government. What was perceived was a collusion of massive … Continue reading


Short Memories: Repeating Policy Mistakes for “Positive Externalities”

About a month ago President Obama delivered the State of the Union Address. In it he pandered to the broad interests of teacher’s unions and educational institutions. He framed the issues as educational reform, affordable education, and transitioning priorities. President Obama calls for more resources for teachers, better pay for high quality teachers, and replacing … Continue reading

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Corporate Person: A Legal Fiction and the Reality it Represents

There has been a significant amount of discussion and disagreement about the rights held by corporations. Citizens United has equated individual speech and expression rights the speech rights of an individual with a “corporate identity.” Occupy Wall Street has demanded that corporations be striped of the rights of individuals, and the status as a “corporate … Continue reading

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Better to Sequester

The CBO Financial Report for 2011 was released this week.  It concludes substantially more reform is needed to address the current lack of fiscal discipline and the looming funding gap for mandatory spending programs as baby-boomers begin to retire in greater numbers. These are not new insights, and the recommendations for solving the deficit culture … Continue reading

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More Opportunity, Less Government

On Tuesday, January 10, Governor Mitch Daniels gave his eighth and final State of the State Address to the Indiana state legislature. The last seven years Hoosiers, policy professionals, and political pundits have watched as Indiana government has reformed, producing results usually reserved for entities with a profit motive. The policy successes have been significant … Continue reading