States’ Obligatory Role In Healthcare Reform

­Last week’s healthcare rhetoric provided the suspected uncertainty of the constitutionality of the individual mandate and its severability from the Affordable Care Act.  Where the individual mandate proves inapplicable through the federal government, states will maintain the means to do so.  California is among the states that are moving in the direction of reform. Legislators … Continue reading

Communications / Politics

The Accountability of Social Media

Social media instigated major political change in 2011.  Most notably the Arab Spring saw governments corrode under the pressure of its citizens who were fed up with years of corruption, poverty and joblessness.  Social media sites, Facebook and Twitter, enabled people to quickly learn about the demonstrations, organize and react through massive protests.  The accessibility … Continue reading


Communication: Improving Relationships, Learning and… Healthcare?

Healthcare can be a daunting topic for most Americans.  There is a very negative stigma attached to it: expensive, complex and bureaucratic – just to name a few.  According to the HealthLiteracyFactst2009(1), eighty-eight percent of Americans aged 16 and older do not have proficient health literacy.  Unable to interpret clinical information, like prescriptions, health charts … Continue reading