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For Hispanic-Americans, Education a Top Priority

Recent reports suggest that Hispanic-Americans, in contrast to Non-Hispanics, list education as a major policy concern when ranking the issues. Right behind jobs and the economy, most Hispanic-Americans indicate that they are concerned about the state and quality of their children’s education. This should not be surprising, as various studies illustrate that a rather large … Continue reading

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Memo to the Grand Ole Party: Wake Up and Smell the Cafe con Leche

With the recent announcement of Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s endorsement of Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, things are about to get really¬†interesting concerning the GOP’s relationship with America’s fastest growing demographic group (i.e. Hispanics). As a darling of the tea-party, Gov. Jan Brewer’s latest political move is clearly meant to shore up and consolidate Gov. … Continue reading

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Too Little, Too Late? Immigration Rhetoric and the Urgency for Civility

This past Thursday and Friday, Miami played host to the Hispanic Leadership Network’s national conference, “Inspiring Action.” Hundreds upon hundreds of Florida GOP voters flocked to the Doral Resort and Spa for the exclusive opportunity to meet with and hear Governor Romney and Speaker Gingrich, among others, make their case to this diverse audience. Florida, … Continue reading

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Monolithic? The Fallacy of Courting ‘the Hispanic Vote’

Oftentimes when perusing through media outlets to determine the latest prediction of where the ‘Latino’ vote will be going in 2012, it is ¬†usually lost upon readers that there is truly no such thing as a ‘Latino’ vote. Sure, the overall Hispanic vote may trend more in one ideological direction than another depending on the … Continue reading

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Missed Opportunity? Republicans and Hispanic-Americans in 2012

The eventual Republican candidate for the White House in 2012 will surely have his work cut out for him with respect to garnering a sizable portion of the Hispanic vote. The GOP has lost much ground with Hispanics, even Republican-leaning ones, with the onset of a fierce immigration debate that has left Americans of Hispanic … Continue reading