State of Emergency

A recently produced New York Times video documented the alarming day-to-day operations of an inner-city Oakland hospital emergency room. The un-narrated short film is a montage of clips of patients waiting in long lines to receive care and hospital employees juggling patients from bed to bed and directing ambulance and waiting room traffic. This hospital … Continue reading


Just shopping around

Two recent headlines have created a political stir in the Republican party that has left more than the average voter scratching his head. The first was that the American Legislative Exchange Council and the CATO institute are actively discouraging¬†republican state legislators from implementing health insurance exchanges as required by Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA). The … Continue reading

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The Private Life of Public Policy

Politicians¬† love politics, but they don’t always love business. They come to D.C. high on the ideological hog, but when it comes time to solve the pressing economic issues of the day, they employ the brightest minds that never worked in the industries they cover. I mostly associate with academics, and there is a similar … Continue reading