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Expert Panels: Both Sides of the Argument

Expert panels have received criticism because of their science-driven approach based on risks and benefits. Those opposed to the idea of these panels argue that any economic approach to medicine does not take into account the value of a life. Others go to the extreme of saying that any analysis of cost-effectiveness or quality measurements … Continue reading


White, Red and Green All-Over

Lost among the conversation of failing economies nowadays are the Asian markets, yet perhaps dutifully so. Standard conversation about Asian markets directs rhetoric towards the rapidly expanding economy of China and the East Asian Tigers, but lost among the success is the historically prosperous island of Japan. Although it still possesses the world’s 4th largest … Continue reading

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It’s Not lllegal To Be Stupid: Freedom of Speech Extends to Anti-Islam Film

After any tragedy, it is a natural human response, almost a psychological need, to assign blame, to call for retribution. This trend is no different in the wake of the attack on a U.S. Consulate in Libya that killed 4 Americans, including U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens. The assault stemmed from a protest denouncing an … Continue reading

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Too Small To Bail: Regulations Eating Away at Small Businesses

The Bada Bing food truck has been cruising the streets of Arlington, VA, schlepping their signature fare for almost two years. Their relatively inexpensive spiedies (an upstate New York specialty) and Philly-style cheesesteaks have clearly filled a market niche as their long lines and expanding twitter followers attest to. But Bada Bing and legions of … Continue reading