An Update to Medicare

An Update to Medicare

One of the most contentious components of the fiscal cliff discussions is the debate about the Medicare eligibility age.  Prominent conservatives argue that raising the Medicare eligibility age to 67 would adjust the most expensive government health program to modern times, while liberals believe it would take away benefits from hardworking seniors, and hurt the … Continue reading

Affordable Care Act

A New Challenge to the ACA

Since conservatives were unsuccessful in repealing the Affordable Care Act (ACA) through a new president, they have continually turned to lawyers to prove the law’s unfeasability. Although the Supreme Court upheld the invidual mandate, many dissidents still find fault in the law. In addition to implementation hardships, conservatives believe there are many legal roadblacks still in place.  Challenges such as ones … Continue reading

Another Entitlement Reform
Healthcare / Tax

Another Entitlement Reform

Experts agree that healthcare entitlement reform is key to curbing costs and boosting quality, yet we seem to ignore one of our biggest, less obvious, entitlements in the discussion.  After Medicare and Medicaid, the employer sponsored health insurance tax exemption is the government’s biggest expenditure on healthcare, costing us around $260 billion a year. It … Continue reading

Healthcare / Regulation

More Regulation is Not the Answer

In response to the deadly meningitis outbreak, attention has been cast on compounding pharmacies, as their product of steroid injections has produced 119 illnesses and 12 deaths. Compounding pharmacies are in business to provide specific prescriptions of drugs that are not available commercially. According to the FDA, these entities should only be mixing drugs on … Continue reading