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Hugo Chavez is (probably) not fully cured of cancer

Roger Noriega, Fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, might have been onto something this past summer. In July Noriega speculated that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez may not be fully cured of cancer. Chavez claimed as much last October, but has since reversed course. He recently announced that in the near future he will go to … Continue reading

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Venezuela’s Opposition Looking For Its Presidential Candidate

Venezuela’s highly anticipated presidential election does not take place until October 7, but the competition will begin in earnest this weekend. Venezuela’s opposition party is holding its first presidential primary on Sunday, February 12th. This is an important step for the opposition because it will offer them an opportunity to create a more unified movement … Continue reading

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2012 Mexican Presidential Election Primer

Mexico’s three main political parties have selected their respective candidates for the July 1, 2012 presidential contest. The favorite appears to be Enrique Peña Nieto, the former governor of the state of Mexico, from the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI). The PRI dominated Mexican politics for over 70 years until 2000, when it failed to win … Continue reading

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Forgotten in the Coverage of the US Presidential Election: two other key elections in the Western Hemisphere

As per normal in a US presidential election year, there has been a plethora of political coverage broadcasted on most any news channel so far in 2012. While this does not mean the public is paying attention to the seemingly unending political coverage (some viewers have even expressed their dissatisfaction with it), there has been … Continue reading

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Possible Upside to a Drawn Out Primary?

Some political consultants have posited that a drawn out GOP primary that has already seen eighteen debates, including another this week in Jacksonville, Florida may be playing to the advantage of incumbent President Barack Obama. Politicians and analysts alike have expressed their displeasure with the numerous negative ads that these candidates are using to discredit … Continue reading

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A Relationship in Need of Repair: GOP Candidates and Hispanic Evangelical Voters

Religion tends to be a delicate subject, and its place in politics can be described as such. However, the growth of the Evangelical movement has led to an increased political presence in the United States. A substantial number of Hispanics has joined the movement during its expansion. In general, Evangelicals have supported conservative policies and … Continue reading

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Hispanic voters not flexing their muscles at the polls, yet

Over the past week the Huffington Post ran two articles about Hispanic voters and their thoughts and feelings leading up to the 2012 Presidential Election. It is widely publicized that the Hispanic population in the United States is growing rapidly and could possibly double by 2050. Therefore, one might believe it reasonable to assume that … Continue reading


Debate analysis: rowdy SC audience shows discontent with candidates

“It is now time for our party to unite around the candidate best equipped to beat Barack Obama,” said Jon M. Huntsman Jr. as he ended his campaign for the Republican nomination yesterday.[1]  Throwing his support behind frontrunner Mitt Romney, Huntsman ended a policy-driven campaign based on pragmatism that failed to resonate with GOP voters. … Continue reading