Historic Brazilian Loss Bodes Well for US
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Historic Brazilian Loss Bodes Well for US

The United States’ 1-0 blunder against Germany on June 26th appears to be an achievement following the 7-1 drubbing suffered by Brazil at the hands of the Germans yesterday. Tears and disbelief filled the minds of onlooking fans as native Brazilians watched their country suffer the worst semi-final loss in World Cup history. Brazilian defender … Continue reading

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Another Reason the United States Should Recognize the Power of Its Growing Latino Population

When it comes to Latin America, the United States and its citizens do not need a full history lesson. It might be easier to skip over the history of US military interventionism and economic imperialism, and focus on more recent events. Rather, I believe, the United States needs to take a good long look at … Continue reading

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Mauro Vieira and Brazil-US Relations

The Brazilian Ambassador to the United States, Mauro Vieira, spoke today at the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University on US-Brazil Relations. As it is traditional for academic talks given by Brazilian representatives in the United States, they initiate pointing out the anecdote that the US was the first country to … Continue reading