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Mauro Vieira and Brazil-US Relations

The Brazilian Ambassador to the United States, Mauro Vieira, spoke today at the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University on US-Brazil Relations. As it is traditional for academic talks given by Brazilian representatives in the United States, they initiate pointing out the anecdote that the US was the first country to … Continue reading

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The Altar of Presidency

Gene Healy’s The Cult of the Presidency is one of those books that make you stop and ponder the conceptions that you held before reading it. Healy discusses how the Office of the President of the United States expanded its power from its constitutional limits established in the 18th century to an office that encompasses characteristics … Continue reading

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What Does It Really Mean to be American?

Yesterday morning I attend a panel at the Brookings Institution on “What It Means to be American: New Poll Explores Attitudes in an Increasingly Diverse America”, organized in co-operation with the Public Religion Research Institute. The panel reported the results of a poll conducted by PRRI on attitudes that Americans have towards Islam, American Muslims, … Continue reading