What Would a Second Obama Term Look Like?
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What Would a Second Obama Term Look Like?

As the 2012 election draws to a close, the painfully inevitable process of media endorsements has brought the Romney and Obamaphiles out of the woodwork, like Kurt Gibson, hobbling to the plate in hopes that one lucky swing can sway some votes.  Generally conservative endorsements of Mitt Romney incorporate criticism of President Obama for being … Continue reading

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Does Romney’s Tax Math Add Up?

One of the most contentious points in the two presidential debates, and really the focal point of this campaign, has been Mitt Romney’s tax proposal.  Governor Romney’s proposal, a summary of which you can read here, is essentially to reduce income taxes for all Americans by 20%, eliminate interest, dividends, and capital gains taxes for … Continue reading

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A Comparison: Reagan, Obama & Jobs

A myriad of articles have been written on how the presidential election of 2012 should garner a stringent comparison to that of the 1980 presidential election.  I agree.  During both presidential elections the United States economy was and is hurting.  But, the focus of this article is: how did the presidents perform after they won … Continue reading

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Corporate Person: A Legal Fiction and the Reality it Represents

There has been a significant amount of discussion and disagreement about the rights held by corporations. Citizens United has equated individual speech and expression rights the speech rights of an individual with a “corporate identity.” Occupy Wall Street has demanded that corporations be striped of the rights of individuals, and the status as a “corporate … Continue reading