Freedom Plaza Demonstrations?

By: Fred Ferreira

I honestly do not know how to name the movement that is going on yesterday and today at Freedom Plaza, a few blocks way from the office. Their signs often present different worldviews and the people there are not very different from the crowd you normally see at the streets of DC during the day. I took a few pictures that I would like to share so you can judge by yourself.

My general commentary is that the American system is indeed exceptional. The access to technology is unprecedented, enabling you, me and the protesters on the square to have access to same instruments of communication. There was a cornucopia of smartphones, laptops, even a printer. After all, this is how business is done now a days, you take pictures on your smartphone and upload to a blog through your laptop. Freedom of speech fueled by capitalism at its peak.

Printer, Computer, Shade and the Planet

Wikileaks truck in front of the Plaza

Borrowing out of Debt

Legal Tent - there are other tents, such as first aid

Hill on the background

Fees and Loans

Intern stimulus?


Their stage

Housing crisis/ drone usage critique


What do you think?

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