Lexicon: What Liberals (Conservatives) Mean When They Say…

When I go back to New York City, sometimes, I feel like I’m living in a twilight zone. Or perhaps George Orwell’s world in 1984, where words can be deemed to mean the exact opposite of what people mean when they say them. If not the exact opposite, then just something far different. In New York City, and I’m sure in other Liberal HQ cities, when some people (Liberals) use certain political terms and talking points, they mean things totally separated from the signification of the terms they use. This isn’t what all Liberals say, not even what “most” Liberals say, not even what most New York Liberals say, just what I repeatedly hear the Liberals I encounter, in New York City, say.

When they say “Constitution” what they really mean is “The Bill of Rights.”
When they say “Unconstitutional” what we really mean is “Against the Bill of Rights”
When they say “Living Breathing Constitution” what they really mean is “It Says Whatever A Majority In Society Wants It To Say”
When they say “Republic” … well, no, they don’t say Republic, they say “Democracy”
When they say “Have The Right To” they mean “Entitled to free access to.”
When they say “Liberal” they mean “Pseudo-Egalitarian, Loosely Taleological, Perpetually Expansive, Statist, Democracy and Plutocracy, with a tendency for Corporatism.”
When they say “Social Justice”  they mean “An Arbitrary Amount of Wealth Redistribution to Enrich The Poor to An Arbitrarily Determined Level of Wealth”
When they say “First Amendment” they mean “Freedom from Religion”
When they  say “Second Amendment” they mean “The right to have a handgun in a lockbox with no bullets in it, in your house, as long as every part of the arm is registered, as long as it always remains in your house and lock box, as long as you live in a neighborhood that has a high amount of robberies, as long as you have no criminal record, as long as your not young (18-24), as long as a judicial authority has decided you have earned it, as long as you have filled out volumes of paperwork, and have registered every bit of personal information into a government database of gun-holders.”

Okay, that last one was a mouth full. Those are, essentially, the regulations in New York City for a typical person who wants to own a gun.

The entire idea of a Republic, via Publeus, Locke, Adams, etc, totally transcends their mode of thought. The Constitution exists to delegate certain powers to the government, and only those powers, not to say what it can’t do and imply it can do everything else. “Unconstitutional” isn’t a government action necessarily against the Bill of Rights or any of the amendments. A “Living Breathing Constitution” is a complete farce, as I have heard it used, while room for interpretation is a completely viable, and different, concept all together. The difference between a Democratic Republic and a Democracy is not indicated to be known based on the Liberal lexicon I have encountered. “Rights” were defined by Publeus, Adams, Locke, etc, as actions groups and individuals have the right to take, without any impediment from government. “Liberal” usually means whatever set of ideologies in mainstream society at a given time is newer, and in America it used to mean Constitutional-Republicanism.”Social Justice” is a non-sense term, unless we define it to mean social activism, outside politics, which is certainly viable, heck, even encouraged, by Constitutional-Republicanism. The First and Second Amendments are exactly what they say in the Constitution; give it a read.

This isn’t a diatribe against Liberals, only on the lexicon I have encountered some Liberals use; it is a valid argument to say the sample of Liberals I have encountered is too small, and too un-random, to truly represent Liberals everywhere.
I have also encountered individuals who consider themselves “Conservative.” And yet, when they talk about their political views, I am aghast at what I hear. Here’s a glimpse:

When they say “Libertarian” they mean “Crazy Liberal, with some Conservative ideas”
When they say “First Amendment” they mean “The Government Can’t Tell Religious People to do something they don’t want to do…”
When they say “Liberal” they mean “Socialist”
When they say “Socialist” they mean “Regulating Companies, and Breaking Up Corporate Mergers”
When they say “Enhanced Interrogation” they mean…, well they say it means just that, a way of enhancing traditional interrogation, and nothing more.
When they say “MSM” means “Everything but Fox News”
When they say “UnConstitutional” they mean “Government That Hurts Corporate Profits”
When they say “Capitalist” they mean “As Much Centralized Control of an Industry as Possible for Big Corporations In Their Respective Industries”
And Conservative either means “An Arbitrarily-Calculated Reduction in the Size or Scope of Democratic Government” or “social traditionalism”

Many “Conservatives” I have encountered are really just business-men looking out for their bottom line. These aren’t the expressions used by Conservatives, or most Conservatives, or the attitudes of Conservatives or Conservatism; it is just the very small sample size I have encountered of about half of the Conservatives I have encountered in life.

Libertarianism is Constitutional-Republicanism with an added quasi-absolutist teleological spin to it. The First Amendment is not a call for the government to not tell religious people what to do, it’s a call for the government not to enforce membership to a particular religious belief-structure, or to outlaw membership to a particular religious belief structure. Liberals, these days, are ‘benevolent’ plutocratic/democratic statists who borrow the terminology of Socialism but use socialist philosophy in an ad-hoc fashion, implementing it in small doses haphazardly and arbitrarily. Liberalism is not Socialism. “Enhanced Interrogation” is just legalese fodder. Fox News is a niche-serving Main Stream Media conglomerate, just like MSNBC. Unconstitutional means an irreconcilable variance between a government action and the powers the Constitution gives to the government. A Capitalist is for freer markets and thus against monopolies and oligopolies; regulation can help in that effort. Conservative usually means whichever set of ideologies in mainstream society at a given time is the oldest, usually calling for gradual change; in America it is typified by Republican-Constitutionalism, (when I say I am a Conservative, it is Republican-Constitutionalism I refer to). Conservative used to mean Monarchical Red-Coats Loyal to The King.

Now, here’s where we get to the point: The point is that the terminologies used by the every day Conservatives and Liberals I have encountered can sometimes indicate how little they know about the words they use.

2 thoughts on “Lexicon: What Liberals (Conservatives) Mean When They Say…

  1. Thoughtful, insightful and absolutely correct. Far too many people (me included) do not take the time (the ultimate irony when the sum of our knowledge is at our fingertips) to research what they purport to believe, or at the very least say what they actually mean.

  2. I am in total agreement. In a world where the sum total of our knowledge is at our fingertips, it seems criminally negligent to be unaware of the inconsistencies in ones’ attitudes, speech and logic.

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