Healthcare / Regulation

More Regulation is Not the Answer

In response to the deadly meningitis outbreak, attention has been cast on compounding pharmacies, as their product of steroid injections has produced 119 illnesses and 12 deaths. Compounding pharmacies are in business to provide specific prescriptions of drugs that are not available commercially. According to the FDA, these entities should only be mixing drugs on … Continue reading


Convenient Care

Constantly, we hear about the looming family doctor shortage, and the push to allow physician assistants and nurse practitioners administer more care. This is a very real problem in the United States, as the Association of American Medical Colleges projects our country having 63,000 fewer general physicians than needed by 2015. One possible solution that … Continue reading


A Small Victory

The U.S. House Energy and Commerce Health subcommittee approved a small change this week in the Affordable Care Act that is a victory for insurance companies. Although many health advocates illustrate insurance companies as the big bad wolf in American healthcare, they are a vital business in the market for better health. Under the Affordable … Continue reading