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The Return of Putin: A Failure of the Reset?

Tuesday at the Heritage Foundation an all-day event was held which featured several prominent officials, activists and scholars, most notably Speaker Boehner and chess grandmaster/leader of the dissident group “Other Russia,” Gary Kasparov.  Most speakers had been skeptical of the reset since its inception, seeing it as a negotiation from weakness and a consigning of … Continue reading

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Ukraine’s Uncertain Path

By: Glen Johnson Ukraine is facing real retrogression.  The trial and conviction of Yulia Tymoshenko is symptomatic of the blatantly political turn Ukrainian state institutions have recently taken as well as the astounding incompetency of the Yanukovich administration.  The politicizing of state institutions extends to all branches of government: the parliament was transformed into a … Continue reading


Prospects of a Eurasian Union

By: Glen Johnson In his first real adumbration of a policy trajectory for his upcoming third presidential term, PM Putin wrote in Tuesday’s Izvestiya of plans for a Eurasian Union.  The proposed union goes beyond economics, entailing “a close integration based on new values and economic and political foundation…”  The plan, combined with Putin’s past … Continue reading


Two Visions, Two Russias

By: Glen Johnson Interpreters of modern Russia find themselves essentially in one of two camps.  The leading school of interpretation in the West is staffed by a sort of psychologist, who interprets Russian foreign policy as a result of lasting anguish from an expropriated imperial inheritance.  The picture painted by this curious blend of psychoanalyst … Continue reading

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Exxon’s Russian Success

By: Glen Johnson The urban landscape of contemporary Moscow is a far cry from its Marxist-Leninist days.  Indeed, one would now be hard-pressed to find a major American fast food company whose presence is not ubiquitous in Moscow; among more recent additions to the scene one will find Papa Johns, Wendy’s, and Burger King.  The … Continue reading