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What’s the Solution? Roundtable Discussion has Committee Leaders Asking How to Bring Back “Made in America” to Manufacturing

In yet another installment of the Jobs and Innovation Forum Series, hosted by the Energy and Commerce Committee, House leaders focused on job promotion and creation by discussing the obstacles facing American manufacturers with actual American manufacturers. Some of the non-politicians at the table included Liat Tala, the owner of a denim manufacturing company based … Continue reading

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Keystone Rejection: Goodbye Jobs, Energy, and Revenue

Last Wednesday, President Obama announced that he had rejected TransCanada Corp.’s request for a permit to construct the Keystone XL pipeline. TransCanada was prepared to fund the highly publicized project that would consist of a crude oil pipeline extending from an oil supply hub, at the tar sands oil fields of Alberta, Canada, all the … Continue reading

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Obama’s Controversial Recess Appointments: Can Pro Forma Sessions Prevent This?

Last Friday, Assistant Attorney General Virginia A. Seitz released an opinion letter titled, “Lawfulness of Recess Appointments During a Recess of the Senate Notwithstanding Periodic Pro Forma Sessions.” The letter addresses the concerns many people have, including the Senate, as to the Constitutionality of President Obama’s recently announced intent to make­­­­ four recess appointments during … Continue reading

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The Future of Energy and Water Availability in the United States: Has the Marketplace Failed Us?

Earlier today the Hudson Institute hosted a four hour panel discussion titled, “Energy, Water, and Debt: Linked Problems, Common Solutions?” Among the ten panelists was Jim Nussle, a former member of the U.S. House of Representatives for 16 years and now Growth Energy’s COO; Craig Zamuda, a senior policy advisor with the Office of Policy … Continue reading