The Failure of Income Redistribution

By Logan Albright The spectre of income inequality is one that refuses to be silenced in a political climate saturated with news of Occupy protestors, AIG bonuses and faceless corporations deemed too big to fail. The level of outrage is understandable, but it’s time to acknowledge that decades of government redistribution of wealth through taxes … Continue reading

Economy / Politics

Obama the Central Planner

 By Logan Albright A number of recent announcements from the White House continue to emphasize the fact that Barack Obama simply doesn’t understand how a market economy functions. Undaunted by the Solyndra fiasco and similar failures, the president persists in his belief that it is both appropriate and wise to use government resources to prop … Continue reading


Conservatives and Science

By Logan Albright A recent study in the American Sociological Review has found that politically conservative Americans are more distrustful of the scientific community than in the past. This relatively straightforward conclusion has is not in itself insulting, and the authors deserve credit for adopting a politically neutral tone, but misinterpretation of the study is … Continue reading