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The U.S. Needs More Foreign Students, but the Administration Is Driving Them Away

The United States is currently the most attractive destination for international students, hosting over a million students from around the world in colleges and universities across the country. While some foreign students are awarded merit-based scholarships and fellowships to pursue an education in the United States, nearly two-thirds of international students rely on personal finances … Continue reading

Improving Island Resiliency: Incorporating Microgrids as part of the RICANstruction Process.
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Improving Island Resiliency: Incorporating Microgrids as part of the RICANstruction Process.

This might very well be the busiest year of the Atlantic hurricane season, and with two months left the Americas shudder at the thought of what next, who’s next, and when. Three major hurricanes—Harvey, Irma, and most recently Maria—all made landfall roughly one week apart, and caused widespread devastation across several U.S. cities and total … Continue reading

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The American Franchise at Risk

On September 13th the House subcommittee on Worker Protection and the subcommittee on Health, Employment, Labor, and Pensions held a congressional joint hearing to consider the Save Local Business Act. The proposed bill seeks to define joint employers as those who have “actual, direct, and immediate control” over employees and to roll back the Obama … Continue reading

Census Bureau Report Shows Rural America is Being Left Behind
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Census Bureau Report Shows Rural America is Being Left Behind

Rural America is struggling. As blue-collar jobs move overseas and people flock to major cities in an increasingly knowledge-based economy, rural America is being left behind in the next wave of economic growth. President Donald Trump broke the Democratic “blue wall” in the 2016 presidential election by appealing to rural voters, running on a platform … Continue reading

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Implementing a Value-Based Healthcare System

Overview As the cost of healthcare rises, the government is pouring money into the current health insurance system to find a way to counteract this rise, and lower costs for patients. Progressive Democrats propose expanding upon the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and implementing a single payer system. The key issue with a single payer system … Continue reading

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Worker Training Programs: Resources for Job Seekers and How the System Could Be More Efficient

WIOA  Workforce GPS (GPS) and the Innovation and Opportunity Network (ION) are two virtual components of WIOA that offer different resources, grants, announcements, online training, and personalized accounts to help Americans find employment. The online portals also offer ‘Communities’ and ‘Collections’.  According to the information provided on Workforce GPS, “Communities offer you the chance to … Continue reading