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Electric Eggs in one Basket: A Warning from Puerto Rico 

Introduction  The U.S. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico has been in a financial crisis since the Great Recession. While the recession on the mainland was dealt with in time, the recession hit the island and exposed years of financial mismanagement and started an economic spiral. While U.S. territories and states cannot officially declare bankruptcy, the Commonwealth was … Continue reading

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Socio-Economic Mobility

Introduction  Any attempt to revive the fortunes of The American Dream must address family structure.   The current conversations on opportunity, and how to create it, capture preconceived notions surrounding this most cherished end. The belief that religious, racial, and gender inequalities define opportunity in America is a firmly held one. However, new studies suggest that family structure … Continue reading

The Future of Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology and the Metaverse

The Future of Virtual and Augmented Reality Technology and the Metaverse

Executive Summary   Building off the well-established infrastructure and economy of the gaming industry, tech companies are looking to make the jump to the next chapter of the internet based in Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR/AR) technology.   Implementation of VR/AR technology within the metaverse will come with social and ethical implications, necessitating an attentive eye to how it is changing society and a commitment to developing appropriate policy actions.  The long-term salience of this discussion will be determined by the practicality of this … Continue reading


Gig Workers and the Debate Over California’s Proposition 22

Introduction Over the course of the pandemic, many Americans turned to app-based food-delivery services at unprecedented levels. The Wall Street Journal reported that between March-April 2020, as many localities imposed lockdowns or individuals themselves decided to self-quarantine, new customer acquisitions by food-delivery services increased from 19,810 to 33,376 customers. This sharp increase in business for app-based delivery … Continue reading

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Poor Childhood Nutrition is a Growing Issue in America

 Introduction Nutrition is essential at all life stages for overall health, however childhood is a time of increased need for proper nutrition. Key nutrients are needed to promote healthy physical and cognitive growth and development. Unfortunately, the vast majority of American children are not consuming healthy diets. While federal programs and policies aim to provide … Continue reading

The Supply Chain Crisis Extends Far and Wide 
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The Supply Chain Crisis Extends Far and Wide 

Executive Summary  Failures in the supply chain can be detected along virtually every aspect of the process; some existed before COVID-19, while others were caused by the pandemic.  It is unclear how long these problems will persist; especially as demand increases through the holiday season.  The United States Department of Transportation attempted to address these issues by expanding the capacity and efficiency of … Continue reading

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A Closer Look at the Rising Popularity of Apprenticeships and the Decrease in College Enrollment

Introduction Over the past decade, college enrollment has been on the decline while participation in apprenticeship programs has grown. The U.S. Department of Labor defines an apprenticeship as “an industry-driven, high-quality career pathway where employers can develop and prepare their future workforce, and individuals can obtain paid work experience, classroom instruction, and a nationally-recognized, portable credential.” Many … Continue reading

Yes, “Gig City’s” Public Broadband is Fast, but its Economic Future is Questionable  
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Yes, “Gig City’s” Public Broadband is Fast, but its Economic Future is Questionable  

Executive Summary  The impacts of Covid-19 will continue to elicit conversation about funding municipal broadband projects, so we must be aware of the long-term financial obligations associated with these programs.     Chattanooga’s public broadband produces speeds much faster than the national average, but the economic responsibility looms far into the future.   The financial structure of the Electric Power Board’s public broadband will be difficult to duplicate, so the Chattanooga program should not be used as … Continue reading

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Differences in Time Commitment Between Male and Female Workers, and Its Relation to the Gender Wage Gap

Introduction For many women’s rights organizations in America, the purported gender wage gap of “eighty-two cents for every dollar made by men,” among full-time year-round workers, is frequently pointed to as an instance of modern-day sexism. Advocates of gender equality continue to draw attention to the matter by popularizing “Equal Pay Day” each year and insisting that … Continue reading