Medicaid Expansion: The Bigger Picture

Medicaid Expansion: The Bigger Picture

With 63 million enrollees, Medicaid provides coverage to low-income families, individuals with disabilities, and elderly individuals on Medicare who need assistance with cost sharing or services not covered under Medicare (dual eligibles).  In 2009, the Medicaid program dished out $346 billion on health care services, or $5492 per enrollee (obviously spending varies per person depending … Continue reading

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DNC 2012: The “Things You Shouldn’t Say Out Loud” Department

Watching the Democratic National Convention, I’ve been struck by one overarching thought: whatever you believe about the issues discussed, many of them are not things that should be said out loud, at least if you’re trying to attract votes. It’s obvious that the Democratic Party has taken this opportunity to speak to their base.  The … Continue reading