Clinton’s Secretary of State Shortlist Reveals Her Foreign Policy
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Clinton’s Secretary of State Shortlist Reveals Her Foreign Policy

  The Clinton transition team recently leaked its shortlist for Secretary of State. While media attention has solely focused on Vice President Joe Biden’s appearance on the list, the rest of the list reveals what a potential Clinton administration’s foreign policy might entail. Based on her shortlist, Clinton has Russian aggression and European stability on … Continue reading

On Ukraine: US Strength is Putin’s Demise
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On Ukraine: US Strength is Putin’s Demise

Since the collapse of the USSR, Russia has felt backed into a corner and neglected by the international community and, indeed, has been. First, there was the quick snatching-up of post USSR states into the EU with no chance of admission for Russia. Next, there was the absolute refusal of Russian integrity by NATO, and … Continue reading

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Is Putin really the most powerful person in the world?

My newsfeed headlines have been dominated by news that Russian President Vladimir Putin has been named second most influential man in the world. Although there are many other newsworthy stories to report, I believe that this story deserves a nod. According to Ian Bremmer, President of the Eurasia Group, influential, charismatic leaders still run the … Continue reading


Putin, Obama, and the “Reset”

 Obama’s “reset policy” with Russia and former president Dimitry Medvedev appears to have failed. The administration hoped that they could deal with Medvedev and avoid confronting the problem of Putin’s influence, but they overestimated Medvedev’s independence from Putin, and underestimated Putin’s continuing power and influence in Russian politics. The administration had hoped that Medvedev would … Continue reading