Senator Warren Steals the Show…And Misses the Point.
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Senator Warren Steals the Show…And Misses the Point.

The Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs is not often the subject of a million YouTube views. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), who ran for office promising change in Washington, may have delivered last week by helping the committee accomplish this feat. The trouble for Sen. Warren, and the committee meeting she hijacked, is … Continue reading


A Snapshot of Independent Regulatory Agency Agendas for 2013

With the dust settled and the fallout well underway from early January’s fiscal deal to postpone sequestration, the economy’s market participants must also now turn a wary eye toward the agenda of the nation’s top independent regulatory agencies (IRAs). On January 4th Sam Batkins of the American Action Forum noted that initial estimates of the … Continue reading

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Free but Responsible Markets

Occupy Wall Street started with an emotion: anger. As average Americans dealt with an insecure job market, unemployment, underwater mortgages, and overwhelming increases in the cost of education and healthcare they watched as the financial industry was rescued from its own poor judgment by the federal government. What was perceived was a collusion of massive … Continue reading