The Obamacare’s Mandate and a Look at Some Alternatives

Controversy continues to arise over a new law being promoted by President Obama and his administration.  The Affordable Care Act, or otherwise known as Obamacare, would require every United States citizen to either pick from set health insurance packages or be forced to pay a steep penalty.  Many Americans, however, are becoming outraged at the thought of being forced to buy a health insurance package and have begun to formulate new alternatives to this act.

As noted by the National Public Radio, one new idea formulated by several Christian groups is to share the insurance costs among themselves.  By doing this, those who are unable to purchase their own health insurance would be able to do so using small donations from large amounts of people.  This would allow them to avoid paying penalties and be covered by an insurance company under a simpler plan.  There are several stipulations: this will not cover abortions and diseases related to drug use and smoking.  A person covered under this plan must live as close to a “Christian lifestyle” as possible.

A second option to the Obamacare Mandate is to not allow it to pass at all and have Americans continue staying on individual plans.  Part of this becoming a reality lies with Congress and Christian groups across America.  If Congress decides to “defund” Obamacare, this limitation of capital would limit the amount of power Obama could exercise over the healthcare system across America.  The combination of less leeway Obama has to use funds from the government, along with constant protests from religious groups across the United States, puts pressure on Congress to not allow this bill to pass.

Furthermore, many Obamcare opponents argue that it is unfair to force both healthy and non-healthy people to spend the same amount on insurance when some will need to use their health care insurance frequently and others will not use it at all.  This is one of the major debate topics centering on Obamacare.  Why should perfectly healthy individuals be forced to pay the same premiums as those who need constant care and medical treatment?  This ultimately makes healthy individuals pay the same premiums as those who need constant medical treatment.  Knowing this, it should not be a surprise why so many are angered by the principles of Obamacare and are looking for alternatives to the bill.

Although many opponents of Obamacare think it would be ideal for a full appeal of it to occur, others believe that the defunding of it by Congress would be the next best thing.  If Christian groups continue to fight this bill through demonstrations, rallies, and the use of their own healthcare options, while Congress continues to try and defund the bill itself, the passing of Obamacare may become nearly impossible.  America consists of people who do not like to be forced to do anything.  Therefore, it appears as though those opposed to Obamacare will continue to look for alternatives until one is agreed upon.