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President Biden and the State of Inflation

Executive Summary  Last week, President Biden outlined his plan to counter inflation as the rate rises to around 7%  The President placed the blame of inflation on rising prices in a myriad of sectors including motor vehicles, prescription drugs, energy, and childcare  His solutions include programs to cut costs as well as protect wages by … Continue reading


Gig Workers and the Debate Over California’s Proposition 22

Introduction Over the course of the pandemic, many Americans turned to app-based food-delivery services at unprecedented levels. The Wall Street Journal reported that between March-April 2020, as many localities imposed lockdowns or individuals themselves decided to self-quarantine, new customer acquisitions by food-delivery services increased from 19,810 to 33,376 customers. This sharp increase in business for app-based delivery … Continue reading

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Differences in Time Commitment Between Male and Female Workers, and Its Relation to the Gender Wage Gap

Introduction For many women’s rights organizations in America, the purported gender wage gap of “eighty-two cents for every dollar made by men,” among full-time year-round workers, is frequently pointed to as an instance of modern-day sexism. Advocates of gender equality continue to draw attention to the matter by popularizing “Equal Pay Day” each year and insisting that … Continue reading

A Dishonest Truth: Corruption in the U.S.A.
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A Dishonest Truth: Corruption in the U.S.A.

Welcome to Chicago, the corruption capital of the country! Kind of catchy, don’t you think? Far from being plastered on the city’s next welcome billboard, this slogan may soon become a rallying cry for Chicagoans tired of being the punchline in a fill-in-the-blank corruption joke. The dubious distinction comes from a report released by the … Continue reading

Exchanging Trash for Treasure
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Exchanging Trash for Treasure

The Michigan state government recently stumbled across a startling statistic. Over the past decade its revenue streams were $8-10 million below what it expected. The cause? Residents of nearby states have been smuggling millions of bottles and cans into Michigan, taking advantage of its nation-leading 10-cent bottle refund. Michigan is one of 10 states nationwide … Continue reading

Unemployment Benefits: Republican Victory
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Unemployment Benefits: Republican Victory

According to the US Department of Labor, the purpose of Unemployment Insurance Extended Benefits is for “workers who have exhausted regular unemployment insurance benefits during periods of high unemployment.” It provides an additional thirteen weeks of benefits for states experiencing high unemployment. From the US Department of Labor again, State Unemployment Insurance Benefits have the … Continue reading