Derive Higher Benefits from High-Skilled Workforce Mobility 

In January 2022 the Department of Homeland Security announced the amendment of the list science, technology, engineering, and math degree programs by adding 22 qualified fields of study to the F-1 visa program. The amendment allows qualified international students to apply for a 24-month extension of their Optional Practical Training beyond the already existing 12-month … Continue reading


The Circadian Scoop

That’s Enough: America’s Surplus No, I’m not talking about the federal government’s balance sheet – its budget hasn’t experienced a surplus in over 20 years.  The surplus I’m referring to isn’t economic in nature, but rather one of words – excess spending leads to deficits in the form of a lack of clarity. A recent … Continue reading


Economic Sanctions – Modern Tool Against Modern War?

Introduction Economic sanctions represent one of the most widely used instruments in international relationships for various social, political and military concerns. They can be imposed by one country (unilateral sanction) or group of multiple countries (multilateral sanction) against other country (or regime) to express their disapproval of the regime and deter the unacceptable behavior.   However, … Continue reading


NFTs: Key Policy Considerations 

An emerging asset class- nonfungible tokens (NFTs)- has taken the crypto world by storm. NFTs are used by blockchain games, crypto artists, and countless others because of their digital scarcity and uniqueness, capturing the attention of investors and consumers alike. This is no longer a tiny niche. As of 2021, the NFT market was valued … Continue reading

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President Biden and the State of Inflation

Executive Summary  Last week, President Biden outlined his plan to counter inflation as the rate rises to around 7%  The President placed the blame of inflation on rising prices in a myriad of sectors including motor vehicles, prescription drugs, energy, and childcare  His solutions include programs to cut costs as well as protect wages by … Continue reading


The Mobility Puzzle: A Lesson from Immigrants 

The United States’ most successful minority is immigrants. They have progressed more, and more rapidly than any other group in this country. They’ve managed to exceed native-born Americans in socio-economic performance across the board, by keeping their families together, saving better, and proving resilient through life’s setbacks.   The current culture war obscures these facts entirely: … Continue reading