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Obamacare’s Medicaid Mandates on States; Oppresive and Wrong on Every Level

There are many unconstitutional elements of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. Obamacare). One of these elements, lurking the midst, not getting the attention it should receive in the mainstream, at least not anymore, is unconstitutional Federal mandates on the states (as it relates to Medicaid). Under Obamacare states can choose to either … Continue reading

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US Allies Recognizing the Losing Nature of the Current “War on Drugs”

Earlier this week, Guatemala’s newly elected President Otto Perez Molina said that the US’s inability to decrease illegal drug consumption has left Guatemala in a position where it must consider legalizing the use and transport of drugs. He plans to raise the issue of legalization of illicit drugs at an upcoming summit of Central American … Continue reading

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Creationism: Does it belong in Indiana’s Public School System?

Indiana legislators are moving forward on a bill that would allow the teaching of Creationism in the public school system. The GOP-sponsored bill has passed out of the Indiana Senate Education Committee, thus sparking controversy nation-wide about the teaching of Creationism –and Evolution. Two prevalent ideas about the origin of life are that of Creationism … Continue reading

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Obama’s Controversial Recess Appointments: Can Pro Forma Sessions Prevent This?

Last Friday, Assistant Attorney General Virginia A. Seitz released an opinion letter titled, “Lawfulness of Recess Appointments During a Recess of the Senate Notwithstanding Periodic Pro Forma Sessions.” The letter addresses the concerns many people have, including the Senate, as to the Constitutionality of President Obama’s recently announced intent to make­­­­ four recess appointments during … Continue reading