When Politicians Talk About History
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When Politicians Talk About History

Historians rightfully get a bit leery when they hear politicians talk about history. All too often, history becomes a convenient rhetorical device for promoting a political agenda. Both parties maintain an arsenal of historical narratives which they enjoy reciting to the public. Here are some common fallacies… Notion of Progress: “We are enlightened and our … Continue reading

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The Failures in Libya

When asked this past Sunday if the recent terrorist attack on American diplomats in Libya was an “intelligence failure,” senior White House Advisor David Plouffe said, “No, this was an event obviously … a complex event.” Let us ignore the obvious tautology of Plouffe’s remarks and his clear desire to obfuscate the issue instead of … Continue reading


IPAB is a Sinking Ship

You know legislation is bad when both Democrats and Republicans are trying to find a way to repeal it. On Tuesday the House Ways and Means Health Subcommittee convened for a hearing to examine how the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) would affect Medicare, beneficiaries, and physicians. The legislation of interest is Section 3403 and … Continue reading


A Different View of the GOP Campaign Trail

The Florida Republican presidential nominee election took place yesterday, and Mitt Romney came out victorious. With the finalized results, many reporters and political scientists are feverishly anticipating the next steps for Gingrich, Paul, Romney and Santorum. In lieu of joining the journalistic hubbub about the elections, I offer an alternate perspective and a less conventional … Continue reading