Another Entitlement Reform
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Another Entitlement Reform

Experts agree that healthcare entitlement reform is key to curbing costs and boosting quality, yet we seem to ignore one of our biggest, less obvious, entitlements in the discussion.  After Medicare and Medicaid, the employer sponsored health insurance tax exemption is the government’s biggest expenditure on healthcare, costing us around $260 billion a year. It … Continue reading

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Does Romney’s Tax Math Add Up?

One of the most contentious points in the two presidential debates, and really the focal point of this campaign, has been Mitt Romney’s tax proposal.  Governor Romney’s proposal, a summary of which you can read here, is essentially to reduce income taxes for all Americans by 20%, eliminate interest, dividends, and capital gains taxes for … Continue reading

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Occupy entitlements! And the tax code!

By Will Portman The Occupy movement has brought income inequality to the forefront of the national political discussion over the past year, even if both the movement and the issue have faded in recent months. Occupy protestors are concerned about the growing wealth gap in the U.S., pointing to studies like the recent Congressional Budget Office … Continue reading

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The Ryan budget vs. the Obama budget

By Will Portman Winston Churchill once said, “Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing… after they have exhausted all other possibilities.” House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) cited the late British Prime Minister’s famous quote this week as he unveiled The Path to Prosperity, his budget for fiscal year 2013, arguing … Continue reading

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Weekly Graphic: Annual Expenditure Between Income Groups

As the debate over income equality in the US continues to build, economists and policy makers are focusing on the large amount of new and old studies that attempt to quantify the rising disparage of incomes. However, many of these studies and statistics can be misleading because they do not take several important factors into … Continue reading

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Weekly Graphic: The Tax Burden

The fight over income inequality and a fair tax code has dominated the recent political debate. The White House, along with all the GOP presidential candidates, and every think tank in Washington has submitted their blueprint of what a reformed tax code should look like. Obama’s tax plan focuses on eliminating distortions and loopholes and … Continue reading